SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration

The world's first collaboration project combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Enabling organisational learning and knowledge transfer.

AR, MR, VR solutions are capable of changing the way people interact and perceive the world, bringing user experience to a whole new level. When applied to business, they reshape industrial processes, improve overall efficiency by increasing the perception of the surrounding environment, and enhance customer experience and satisfaction.​​​ SPACE1 makes the most of these innovative technologies aimed at boosting the collaboration between users, enabling organisational learning and knowledge transfer. Powered by state of the art AR, Knowledge Management features and AI, SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration enables organisations with a fully collaborative solution to present any product, train staff, troubleshoot and rapidly resolve, in safety conditions, any task. It provides advanced digital contents and collaboration functionalities among users located anywhere from their mobile device (tablet, smartphone), smartglass, Head-mounted Display. SPACE1 is quick and easy to implement thanks to the wide range of parameterizations and connectors for the integration with any enterprise systems. Furthermore, it is multiplatform and multidevice to ensure high flexibility and offline usability.









SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration

Extended Maintenance

SPACE1 Extended Maintenance provides frontline workers with augmented work instructions and collaboration features, to help close the skills gap, reduce errors, and for a rapid resolution of mission-critical operations. Leveraging Augmented Reality SPACE1 addresses such challenges by providing real-time, on site, step-by-step resolution procedures that act as instructions to simplify the execution of tasks such as product assembly, machine operations and repair.

Extended Training

SPACE1 Extended Training introduces a whole new perspective in training, both in-person and remotely, thus ensuring quick filling of any expertise gap and the proper transfer of knowledge. The solution redefines the way training and learning are performed. In-person training is expensive and requires mentors and trainees to meet at the same location, sometimes repeatedly. Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality address such issue by providing real-time training to users located anywhere in the world, allowing workers to perform complex tasks on their preferred device without longish and expensive conventional coaching.

Extended Presentation

Share blog posts, products, or promotions with your customers. USPACE1 Extended Presentation expands the concept of collaboration, allowing organizations to engage with clients remotely in Augmented Reality, share in real time any 3D content and information, to get the presentation right on early stages. Designed to transform business communication as it takes users on an immersive, memorable presentation that combines reality with elements of the virtual world. The solution enables organizations to discover and maintain company knowledge more effectively, providing employees with the tools they need to this text to describe products, share details on availability and style, or as a space to display recent reviews or FAQs.

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