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Navigator Z1

Realwear Training

Ensure a successful Realwear deployment with our professional training services. Empower your team from day one to maximize your investment and prevent end-user resistance.

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Realwear in the field - remote mining equipment training

Realwear Navigator 520

The Navigator 520's HyperDisplay offers a bigger, sharper, bolder image through a 20% larger screen to make work on the frontline even better.

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Knowledge Transfer

Spread your expert knowledge far and wide to overcome skill shortages. Cast your experts point of view via a live-stream, or record and narrate for training content.

Realwear Connect - Connecting workers to the right experts

Navigator Z1

Intrinsically Safe frontline wearables. The Navigator Z1 is certified for use in restricted zones (ATEX, Zone 1).

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Thermal camera module

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Our Customers

We have worked with organisations in many different industries, large and small to kick-start their connected worker programs.


Local Government

Extend your core collaboration platforms to the edge of your operations - your frontline teams. Collaborate with internal teams, partners, and suppliers in real-time while reducing the carbon emissions and costs associated with travelling across your regions.

Connecting Council Workers means driving efficiency and safety when undertaking essential work.

Field Services

Connected Field Workers are equipped with a digital companion to make them more productive, safer, and compliant in the field.

Enhance installations, repairs, consultations, and inspections for your team and clients.


Hands-free access to work instructions, learning and expert assistance ensures that Mining workers get the job done correctly and safely.

SOP compliance, machinery training, critical asset maintenance, and more.


Knowledge acquisition in healthcare means frontline medical workers can respond faster.

Enable telemedicine, remote Doctor guidance & consultations, thermal imaging, and be prepared for outbreaks.


Join the worlds largest vehicle manufactures who are using assisted reality to boost repair efficiency and after-sales service, drive up-selling of accessories, and distribute knowledge across dealerships.


Reduce inefficiencies and ramp up production to meet growing demands. Reduce overheads with remote expert and knowledge distribution.

Use visual assist for more efficient QA, QT and risk assessment activities.

Audit & Inspection

Enable staff to remotely audit and improve accuracy while eliminating travel time. Invite clients and other stakeholders to be involved in the process in real-time.

Oil & Gas

Cut travel, improve safety, and resolve downtime issues immediately using intrinsically safe hands-free industrial head-mounted wearables for the oil & gas industry.

The HMT-1Z1 is the worlds first wearable computer for workers in restricted zones and hazardous conditions.

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  • Frontier Wear is Australia's Realwear Gold Partner. We are proud to have a strong and ever-growing partnership with the leader in frontline worker technology.

  • Zetifi provides last-mile connectivity for vehicles & machinery. The ZetiRover further aids our field based based clients in becoming connected workers.

  • HINDSITE® is a cloud-based software platform that provides frontline workers with the know-how they need to complete the task at hand. We separate the product into three concepts: Workflows, Visual Content Library and Remote Expert Assistance.

  • The Librestream platform powers the AI Connected Expert workforce of the future with advanced augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT data visualization.

Realwear Navigator 500

Revolutionary modular design, 48MP camera with enhanced zoom and low light performance, all in a ruggedized design.

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